Animal Protection

Whether at home or in the wilderness, be prepared with security products that will protect you from wild or domestic animals. Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks  recommend that visitors bring bear spray with them.
A dog repeller uses an ultrasonic warning to chase away a dog and the Mace Muzzle humanely discourages a dog with a mild pepper spray. A steel baton may be necessary to defend yourself from larger more aggressive animals. They are recommended for use on Coyotes.   
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Dog Body Language

A dog that is about to bite:
  Body Tense
  Ears or Head Pulled Back
  Tail Stiff
  Intense Stare
  Furrowed Brow
  Teeth Showing
A Happy Dog
  Body relaxed
  Ears down and relaxed
  Tail down
  Mouth Open
  Grinning Expression
  Eyes Relaxed
Angry Dog
Happy Dog

How to Avoid a Dog Bite

- Do Not Run from an angry dog.

- If approached by an angry dog,
   remain motionless, hands down,
  and do not make eye contact.

- Do not approach an unfamiliar dog.

- Do not disturb a dog that is
  sleeping, eating, or with puppies.

- Do not pet a dog without allowing it
   to see and sniff you first.
The lion appeared from nowhere and came directly toward us. At a distance of only a few feet, I shot a burst of the bear pepper spray toward the lion's face. She immediately turned away and leaped in air. At about 10 to 15 feet away she blinked repeatedly and then started to walk toward us again. I sprayed a second cloud of pepper spray and the lion again turned away and this time laid down about 20 yards away. We noticed that she had foam and saliva coming from her mouth. We left the area to prevent any further disturbance to her or her kittens.

Mountain Lion Encounter

Animal Protection Selection

Bear Pepper Spray

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Ballistic Baton

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