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D&D Security Products offers unique protection products for your car or truck. The talking car alarm is now back on the market, new and improved. We offer an alternative shock sensing alarm at a new low price. A proven product in vehicle security is the Anti Theft Device that will not permit a car to be started by a car thief. Some of these products qualifies for reduced insurance premiums from most insurance companies.
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Shaved Key
An old trick that is still used to seal a car is the use of a shaved key. This is a key that is ground thin so that it will fit into most ignition locks and if the lock is a little worn, it can be turned by jiggling the shaved key. This works best with older model Japanese cars.
These cars are usually stolen to commit another crime rather than for their re-sale or parts value.
Car alarms can protect these cars. If the alarm is armed, the alarm will sound if the door is opened or the ignition key is turned.
Cars Most Often Stolen
Model                Rate 
Dodge Charger        6.0433
Pontiac G6           4.3383
Chevrolet Impala     3.8500
Chrysler 300         3.5399
Nissan Infiniti FX35 3.1966
Mitsubishi Gallant   3.1527
Chrysler Sebring     3.0217
Lexus SC             2.9581
Dodge Avenger        2.9140
Kia Rio              2.8986
Rate is number stolen per 1000 produced
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  
Data for year 2010
Metro Area Highest Theft Rate
City             Rate
Fresno CA         751.0
Modesto CA        618.8
Bakersfield CA    575.2
San Francisco CA  523.1
Detroit MI        451.2
Seattle WA        447.7
Stockton CA       435.3
Oklahoma City OK  430.0
Las Vegas NV      419.9
Omaha NE          419.8
Rate is number of cars stolen per 100,000 population in Metro Areas over 500,000
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2010


Car Alarm Selection

 Talking Car Alarm

$69.95 each
2 or more $54.95 ea.

 Remote Car Alarm

$39.95 each
2 or more $32.95 ea.

Theft Evader 

$21.95 each

 Steering Wheel

$24.95 each
15% off 6 or more.

Road Side
Emergency Kit

$12.95 each

Nap Zapper

$7.95 each
15% off 6 or more.
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