Door and Window Protection

Prevent Burglary with window and door protection. We have products that will prevent doors from being opened and products that sound an alarm when they are. We have window alarms that will detect an attempt to break-in.
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Burglary Statistics
In 2011 there were over 2 million burglaries, an increase of about 1% over 2010. Nearly two thirds were forced entry. Approximately  three-quarters of all burglaries were on residential properties. Victims of burglaries lost an estimated $4.8 billion dollars or an average of $2,185 per burglary.
Property taken most often from residential homes were cash, jewelry, and electronics.
Data Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report
 Metro Areas with the highest burglary rate
Metro Area    Burglary Rate
Toledo OH         1579
Little Rock AR    1470
Memphis TN        1413
Birmingham AL     1293
Durham NC         1287
Detroit MI        1267
Jackson MS        1199
Augusta GA        1179
Columbus OH       1164
Oklahoma City OK  1146
Includes only Metro Areas over 500,000 population
Burglaries per 100,000 population.
Source:  2011 FBI Crime Report
Tips to Prevent Burglary
Over the years, D&D Security Products has compiled a set of guild lines and advice on home security. They are based on information we received from our customers, police and news reports, interaction  with other security professionals, and our experience in the home security field.


Door and Window Alarm Selection

  Door Stop Alarm

$8.95 each
15% off 6 or more

Door & Window
Entry Alarm

$8.95 each
for a package of 4

Entry Alarm

$9.95 each
2 or more $7.95 ea.

 Window Alarm

$9.95 each
15% off 6 or more

  Door Club

$19.95 each
regularly $29.95

 Door Stopper

$12.95 each
2 or more $9.95 ea.

 Pressure Sensitive Volume Alarm

$12.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Touch Activated

Door Alarm

$9.95 each
15% off 6 or more

  Dead Bolt Secure

$5.95 each

  Door Jammer

$29.95 each
20% off 2 or more
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