Motion Sensors

Protect your home, place of business, cabin, or RV with a motion sensor alarm.  Motion detectors will alert you when someone comes into range.
The barking dog alarm sounds like an angry German Shepherd when someone approaches your door. Sensor lights and security flood lights will illuminate an area when they sense motion. The auto dialer will call your cell phone or the police when motion is detected. The wireless motion sensor can control appliances and lights when they detected motion.
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Campsite Security
Campsite Security
Use a motion sensor to protect your campsite from night time visitors
    PIR Motion Sensors have a lens that focuses infer-red  radiation onto a solid state substrate with pyroelectric material. When a heat emitting object enters the field of view, the IR detector output voltage abruptly changes which is interpreted by a circuit connected to the detector device. The circuit produces a logic output signal used to activate an alarm, light, or some other function.
   Slow thermal changes such as the sun rising are not detected, but they can detect changes in the background conditions such as the motion of objects at the same temperature as the background.   
How they work
Room Lighting
Save Energy
Use a Motion Sensor to turn on a light when you enter the room and turn it off after you leave
A motion sensor can turn on your porch light when you approach the front door. It can illuminate your driveway to chase away intruders or help you find your way in the dark.


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Motion Sensor Selection

Barking Dog Alarm

$69.95 each
2 or more $62.95 ea.

  Programmable Alarm

$14.95 each
regular $19.95

 Motion Sensor
with Remote Control

$19.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Auto Dialer

$25.95 each
15% off 6 or more

  Strobe Alarm

$25.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Driveway Alarm

$19.95 each
2 or more $16.95 ea.

  Sensor Light

$14.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Wireless Sensor

$37.99 each
Additional Units $24.99 ea

 Flood Light Motion
Sensor with Camera

$99.99 each
Additional Units $49.99 ea

 Multi Function Mini Motion Sensor

$9.95 each
15% off 6 or more
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