Personal Protection

Personal Security Alarms are used to summon help in an emergency, or to scare off potential attackers. They are small and lightweight, easily carried in your pocket or purse. The alarms will emit a shrill siren that can heard a block away. Muggers and attackers want to operate in darkness and silence and will avoid loud sounds that attract attention.  
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   Protect Your Purse with a Personal Alarm
Protect your purse
If you are ever separated from your purse, the alarm will sound and continue sounding until the cord
is re-connected into the alarm.
Place the alarm inside your purse.
and attach the clip to your clothing.
Sound Level Chart
Acoustic Pressure Levels
Source Temple University Department of Civil/Environmental Engineering
90dB is the sound level of a food blender
High Volume Personal
    Alarm Customers
Correctional Facilities
  Nursing Homes
  Hotel / Resorts
  US Government
  Law Enforcement
  Property Management
  Mental Health Facilities
Deep Volume Discounts
Personal Protection Selection

  Key Chain Alarm

$6.95 each
6 or more $5.95

  Personal Alarm

$5.95 each
6 or more $4.99

Personal Alarm
with Light

$8.95 each
15% off 6 or more  

 Mace Screecher

$7.99 each
15% off 6 or more


$12.95 each

Ballistic Baton

$15.95 each
15% off 6 or more

Wireless Remote Controller

$32.99 each
$19.99 each additional

Panic Alarm

$5.95 each

 Multi Function Personal Alarm

$9.95 each
15% off 6 or more

 Heavy Hitter

$24.95 each
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