Property Protection

Protect your valuables in a diversion safe. Make sure the bills you receive are genuine with a counterfeit detector. Use a invisible marker to identify your property. A outdoor motion sensor flood light will detect trespassers at night. 
Print fake warning signs to discourage trespassers.
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Protect your property with fake warning signs
Click on one of these thumbnails to download a full size image that you can print. Place the sign in strategic places around your home or business to intimidate and discourage thieves and trespassers.
D&D Security Products grants unrestricted use of these images.
Property Protection Selection

Diversion Safe

$9.95 each

Counterfeit Detector

$5.95 each

Detecta Mark Pen


 Flood Light Motion
Sensor with Camera

$99.99 each
Additional Units $49.99 ea

Book Safe

$15.95 each

Paint Can Safe

$15.95 each

Mini Money Detector

$9.95 each
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