Use a security camera to record video or send video to your television. A hidden camera can tell you who comes to the door when you are away, what your pet does when home alone, or what time your kids get home from school.
Disguise your voice when you are on the phone and use spy glasses to see behind you.
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Upload your Video to YouTube
If your surveillance camera captures something unusual or interesting, share it with the world
1. Go to
2. Set up an account if necessary
3. Log in
4. Select "Upload" on the tool bar
5. Select the video file on your computer
6. Enter Title, Description, Privacy, etc.
7.Hit Save 
    Generally, it is legal to secretly record video anywhere in your home with a hidden camera.  Also it is usually legal to record video in a public place.   Generally, it is not legal to secretly record video anywhere there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Recording of audio is typically more restrictive.  You may not be able to record a conversation unless one or more parties agree. Laws vary by state.  Consult with local law enforcement or an attorney if you are in doubt.
Surveillance Laws*
* Not intended to be legal advice.


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