Security for Women

These are security products specifically styled for women. Pepper Spray and a stun gun are disguised as a perfume canister. We have fashion pink pepper spray and stun guns small enough to carry in your purse.  
It's important to carry pepper spray with you when you are alone at night, or when you  jog in a secluded location. Stun guns make a good back up to pepper spray. They can help free you from an attackers grip and give you time to escape. 
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Pepper Spraying an attacker
Defend yourself with
      Pepper Spray
To use pepper spray correctly, spray with your arms extended
and aim for the face.
What to do if you are being Stalked
1. Trust your instincts. Victims of stalking often feel pressured by friends and family to downplay the stalker's behavior, but stalking poses a real threat of harm. Your safety is paramount.
2. Call the police if you feel you are in any immediate danger. Explain why even some actions that seem harmless - like leaving you a gift - are causing you fear.
3. Keep a record log of each contact with the stalker. Be sure to also document any police reports.
4. Stalkers often use technology to contact their victims. Save all e-mails, text messages, photos, and postings on social networking sites as evidence of the stalking behavior.
5. Get connected with a local victim advocate to talk through your options and discuss safety planning. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at
Source: US Department of Justice
Women Security Selection

Mace Hot Pink

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  Pink Steel Baton

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 Perfume Pepper Spray

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5 Million Volt

Hottie Stun Gun

$19.95 each

Perfume Protector

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 8 Million Volt

Small Fry Stun Gun

$24.95 each
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 Key Chain

Stun Gun

$24.95 each
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 11 Million Volt

Hottie Stun Gun

$29.95 each
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 1/2oz 23%

 Dooney & Bourke

$9.99 each
6 or more, $8.49 each

 Fashion Model

 Pepper Spray

$8.99 each
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